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A decision by the Superior Court isn’t always the last step in your case.

Superior Court Judges are people too, and can make errors of law with an alarming frequency.

Sometimes, you win your case only to find that the other side wants to keep pressing the case, putting your hard fought victory in jeopardy.

If you want to appeal your case, or are facing an appeal, the attorneys at the Heffernan Legal Group can help you through the appellate process and help preserve your rights.

Our attorneys have argued and won cases before the Connecticut Supreme and Appellate Courts in Family Law, Civil Litigation and Administrative Appeals. We possess the necessary research, writing, and oral advocacy skills to make your case with all the persuasion it deserves.

Some of our recent victories can be found here:

Pikula v. Department of Social Services

Tavani v. Tavani

Allred v. Alldred

Dockter v. Slowik

Time is of the essence with an appeal, however, and if you’d like to appeal a decision, you may have as little as 20 days to file! If you want to appeal your case, contact us as soon as possible for a free and honest evaluation.

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