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Connecticut for more than thirty years

Heffernan Legal Group

Civil Litigation

No one wakes up in the morning looking to be involved in a law suit. We certainly understand that. But sometimes, the circumstances of life can thrust you into the world of litigation, an intimidating and frightening place.

At Heffernan Legal, we’ll serve as your champion in court and protect your interests and rights to the best of our ability. That doesn’t mean, however, that we’ll blindly charge into court with unreasonable expectations and unecessarily agressive tactics. We’ll provide you with an analyisis of your case and honestly advise you whether you should settle, litigate, or mediate the issue.

We represent plaintiffs and defendants and understand how hard litigation can be on everyone involved. We also recognize that sometimes, litigation isn’t about winning and losing, but about finding solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems.

We’re prepared and able to go to trial, but won’t subject you to the costs and pressures of further litigation unless it is absolutely necessary.

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