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Family Law

We want to make the divorce process easier – not harder.

If you’re in a 25 year marriage, with the children grown and gone, and you know it’s over, and that it’s time to move on…

Or if you’ve been married two years and it’s clear that there’s no future in the relationship…

We’d like to help make the divorce process civilized and stress free.

If you’re married to an S.O.B. who mistreats you and you’re determined to get even, or if you’re tied to a bitch who clearly needs to be taught a lesson, please go elsewhere – we don’t handle those kinds of cases. Look, divorce is difficult enough. We’ve been helping people through these tough times forĀ 30 years. We know the system and can play hardball if necessary, but we prefer to treat everyone reasonably and fairly, and to achieve a result through negotiation which will approximate where you would end up if you spent thousands of dollars and had a three day trial in front of a judge. We’d love to take the money, but it’s not in your best interests.

And that’s what we’re all about – your best interests.

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